28 April 2009

Twits, you are on notice!

I love Twitter. Anyone who knows me knows I am totally hooked on the micro-blogging phenom. I started using twitter about 17 months ago and it is now, well, part of my life.

Other people have caught the twitter bug, too. The social media platform has gone from traffic of about 2 million users to more than 15 million users in a matter of 3 months.

Somehow, some twits out there have found me and decided to follow me on twitter. Gradually, that number of followers has started to grow. I have varied interests and so do they. We converse about the things we like. Some like sewing. Some like PBS. Some like NPR. Some like marketing. Some like social media. Some live in Waco and/or work for Baylor. Some love Iowa... like me. I have conversations with them about all of those things, because we share these as interests.

Let me be clear. I am not a big deal in the twitterverse. I don't have tens of thousands of followers. I am not one of the "twiteratti." Again, I am simply interested in having conversations with people who share my interests. I am interested in sharing useful information, ideas, solutions, and having some fun with it along the way.

So, for all you twitter users who are "gaming the system," I would like to put you on notice:

If you have the word CASH or MONEY in your name, I will not follow you. (Updated note: unless that's your real name, of course!)

If you tweet quote after quote after quote from famous (or semi-famous) people, I will not follow you. Have you no original thoughts to add to this conversation?

If you are into multi-level-marketing (MLM), I will not follow you. I do not want to be in your downline, I promise.

If you tweet about getting 1000s of followers in a day (or week or whatever), I will not follow you.

If you tweet that you are getting twitter followers automatically, I will not follow you.

For everyone else: I look forward to joining in that big, messy, tweety conversation with you -- that conversation that is never farther from my reach than a computer or my Blackberry. Thanks for being there, peeps.


  1. great post! your honesty and authenticity are why I consider myself blessed to be one of your friends!!

  2. Like this post :). Its annoying how some weird ppl "follow" you on Twitter but its good that some of them unfollow after a while coz you're not interested in the marketing or other such useless things they're promoting. So its interesting to see how the follower count keeps fluctuating! :)

  3. LOL, I'm all "I have to find this person and follow her" and then I'm all "DUH". Snort.

    Great post! You know I agree!

  4. Ugh! I feel the same way! And someone who hardly ever tweets at all was quoting quotes all day yesterday. Don't know why I didn't AX her.