15 April 2009

Earth Day radio commentary

I've been on the radio more than once a week for over 3 years - doing a regular segment for the business school where I work. It's part of my job. So it's lost all luster for me.

Not so for this radio commentary, which is absolutely a personal endeavor written and read straight from my heart. I'm psyched about this being on air.

Download the MP3 file to listen to the Earth Day radio commentary.

It will run on the central Texas NPR station and hopefully, on the NPR station affiliate in Ames, Iowa, too.

The written version is posted here.

1 comment:

  1. I quite like the radio commentary. :) Great job! These days I'm volunteer blogging for a sustainable reforestation campaign for Earth Day. After listening to the commentary, I thought I'd share my posts with you. I'm on blogger so if you follow my profile link, you'll find it. It'll be great to hear your comments :). Stay green!