18 January 2010

Fear of...

...bound buttonholes.

My sewing machine makes beautiful, consistent, finished buttonholes. But only up to 1 inch in size.

The jacket I just finished needs BIG buttons. Bigger than 1 inch. The only kind of buttonhole to do is a bound buttonhole. I am scared to death to try it!

I googled until I found a few different techniques and tried all three on practice materials late this afternoon.

But I'm still not feeling comfortable with this! I brought the fabric for this jacket back from Hilo, Hawaii. I do not want to mess this up!

I need a pep talk.

Here were a couple of the best tutorials I found showing how to make bound buttonholes:



01 January 2010

Skulls and roses

Devon bought this fabric about a month ago and I told her I'd make her a smock apron after Christmas. Done!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Finally! I made Mike's shirt from some of the fabric I brought back from Hilo a year and a half ago! I love the bold pattern and put the biggest motifs down the center of the back and collar. Of course, I used the authentic coconut buttons we got there, too.