16 February 2014


     Any old wine bottles laying around (because every crafter should slowly gain a pig stye of potential projects)? Soda bottles, Snapple bottles, etcetera, etcetera...

Paint them.
Glitter them.
Crack them and fill the cracks with liquid gold because in some old cultures things were considered beautiful after being broken because that was added to fix things up.
Who cares, do whatever you want.

     I had been on Pinterest a long while ago and I've wanted to do this since, but I don't drink wine. So, after asking around I gathered a good amount, and with no particular design in mind, I started painting. Of course, you could do some kind of design of your own, but I wanted to do it so bad I just started painting as soon as they were acquired. :)

     Now, they are on my bookshelf serving as additions to my progressively unique dwelling.