27 December 2009

Merry Christmas, xbohica grandkids

All sporting their new xbohica creations (left to right): Caille, Connor, Cameron, Christopher.

Petroglyphic terrific

My handsome grandsons, (left to right) Connor, Cameron, Christopher, wearing the shirts I made from fabric I brought back from Hawaii.
(Dad's got a matching one, too.)

21 December 2009


Caille, my 9-year old granddaughter, helped me lay out her dad's Hawaiian shirt. She's concentrating very hard on pinning right now.

20 December 2009

Big brother, little brother, baby brother

You had your doubts, didn't you?
I know you did.

When I blogged about this heavenly fabric warehouse in Hilo, Hawaii that I went to **way** back in April of 2008, I even took a picture of this fabric.

Mom and I worked together all weekend to get these done.
They'll be under the tree for my three grandsons: Chris, Connor and Cameron. Daddy Steve's matching shirt will have to get made over the next day or two.

But for now, it's nice to take a break for a few minutes and admire our handiwork.

I'll post a photo of the men wearing them.

Because there is nothing more appropriate for a man to wear on Christmas day than a Hawaiian shirt.

(By the way, the pattern on the fabric is petroglyphs -- like the ancient etchings on the lava rocks in Hawaii. The buttons are made from coconut shells.)

13 December 2009

Just for @zoocat

My friend, Brad (who I met as zoocat on Twitter), asked me to make an apron in a smaller size. Tiny and cute!

12 December 2009

The etsy shop

I'm finally diving into the etsy shop. If you're not familiar with http://www.etsy.com/, it's where people can buy and sell hand made items. Just perfect for a crafty geek like me.

All the items left from the Baylor craft fair will be listed today! Visit me there: http://www.xbohica.etsy.com/

02 December 2009

What people want.

What people want: coffee sleeves. No kidding. The BEST stocking stuffers at $6 ea or 3 for $15. Going like HOTCAKES (cliches are cliches for a reason, folks).
Machine wash and dry.

I will take it more seriously next year

I think we are going to sell out of (gorgeous cute fabulous) xbohica stuff before the end of the craft fair tomorrow. I've been sewing for this since August. Wow. I will take it more seriously next year.

We ran to Joann after closing today to buy stuff for baby snuggles. I finished 2 baby snuggles on the Baby Lock Ellure while Devon made 9 more coffee sleeves on the old Elna.
Tomorrow should be a huge day.