06 June 2009


I'm very happy that I come up as the #2 result when you google BOHICA (today I do, anyway).

Those years of corporate prostitution have paid off (it wasn't sexual prostitution... or so I justify it to myself).

So, googling BOHICA is by far the number one way people get to my blog from an organic search.

Here's what's still weird. The #2 way people get to my site from organic search is by googling "vomit girl" (in quotes).

OK, I know, I blog about vomit, puke and COV (Chain of Vomit) a lot. I even have a tag for it! But what really bothers me? Why the hell are people searching for the term "vomit girl?"

A workshop for Twitter beginners

Do you live in the Central Texas area?

Have you heard about Twitter but aren’t sure how to use it?

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Here’s the workshop for you. This is a hands-on, step-by-step workshop, led by three of the most influential tweeters in Central Texas. Caryn Brown, Jay Ehret and C.J. Jackson, members of the Waco Social Media Club, will help you make sense of how and why to use Twitter to make an impact for your organization.

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Cashion Bldg, Room 404
Hankamer School of Business
Baylor University Campus

05 June 2009

Skulls on her coffee (and her Christmas stocking)

What better way to use those small scraps that I've been saving? Coffee sleeves. Sort of recycled, because it's just left-over scraps. Green, because you won't be using those paper/cardboard sleeves they give you at the coffee shop.

Plus, you can make a statement.

My daughter, Devon (27), wanted a sleeve made from the scraps of her Christmas stocking. Guess which one that is? Yes, the skulls. LOL!

Every time I go to my local mermaid coffee shop and order my regular tall triple-shot Americano, a conversation starts about my coffee sleeve.

I'm thinking of sewing up an inventory of these sleeves, plus shopping bags and maybe even a couple of aprons, and getting a table at the annual craft fair.

Think anyone would buy this stuff? How much? Please comment below!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that these are insulated with batting and have a velcro closure, which can be adjusted for different cup sizes.