30 December 2012

She's a natural!

We got 12-year old Caille her first sewing machine for Christmas and this was her very first project. WOW! What a success!

The only thing I helped with was the zipper. Otherwise, it's all her own work.

Layering on the pink sweater we got on sale at Kohl's today makes it work for more than just a summer dress.

Simplicity 2373.

05 August 2012

Seeking green guinea pigs

I made four sandwich/snack bags, lined with FDA-approved food-safe nylon tyvec and cute cotton print on the outside. These are reusable, machine washable, low-temp iron.

I need a couple of beta testers who will test one or two of these, putting them through real-life use and then providing me with candid feedback about the product.

Comment below to volunteer. There is no cost. I am also putting this on Facebook. Up to four people total will be chosen from comments here and on the xbohica Facebook page.

15 July 2012

Let's get bohemian

Join us at the Bohemian Music & Poetry Festival Saturday night 8pm-midnight in Waco, Texas!


10 July 2012

Lots of new stuff for Bohemian Music & Poetry Festival

Waco, Temple, Killeen folks -- don't miss the Bohemian Music & Poetry Festival on July 21. Starts at 8:00 pm.

Caille and I have been busy making some new things you'll see there at the XBOHICA table.

Here's the event info on Facebook. http://on.fb.me/MfSbNs It's free! Please bring a canned food item for the food banks when you come.

19 April 2012

Doggy incontinence

The poor old Captain is approaching 13. (He was born 9-9-99, an easy date to remember.) his back end doesn't always work. The vet says he has a cancer of his liver. He has a tumor on his eye that we had removed in a very expensive operation. It grew back three months later.

He's an old guy. He's had better days.

He lost control of bodily functions over a year ago. That's when I started experimenting with making doggy diapers. The last thing I want is to be freaking out about him peeing on the floors when he is so old he doesn't know what I'm freaking out about. No reason for the stress.

I designed several different kinds of diapers. He has figured out how to scrape them off, move them down, get them off, any way he can.

The one I made today might be the best one yet. I don't think he's getting out of this one.

On the inside, I stick a large woman's feminine napkin. I change that out when he wets it.