08 February 2009

What is your signature karaoke song?

Do you have a signature karaoke song? Tell me!

Mine is "I feel the earth move" by Carole King

i also do "Will you love me tomorrow?" (Carole King)

and "I can't make you love me" (Bonnie Raitt).

Thank you. Thank you very much...


Silly talking head / YouTube not conversation / it is just one way

Grounded Capricorn / wills her feet to leave the earth / wants to shirk sometimes

Dog and butterfly / never really witnessed that / just an old Heart song

Bird sits by window / predator feline spies prey / furry tail twitches

04 February 2009

In honor of #haikuthursday (head start)

Gravity heavy
Obligations weigh her down
Anchored but dreams still

Don't dis my haiku
I try my best to write it
Could be more inspired

(Premature #haikuthursday)

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