22 April 2008

Haven at 3000'

TWITTER: At Wild Orchid House, a family's home, in a huge private suite...on Kilauea volcano. 11:45 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

Renata and Michael Walczuk are our gracious and welcoming hosts.

Wild Orchid House is located about 15 miles from Hilo. It is just off 11, in Mountain View. At about 3000' above sea level, the house sits in a tropical rain forest. No air conditioning required or desired.

We have the entire lower part of the house; our own private entry; our own private garden. This place is heaven. And so much more comfortable and affordable than a hotel!

They also give tours: www.wildorchidtours.com/

Hangin' with Hilo hippies

TWITTER: Eating mexican food in downtown Hilo w/ the hippies. 06:51 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: Vacation = margarita for lunch 07:14 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: Hilo grocery store: fruits, veggies, ocean critters I've never seen b4. 09:43 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

Arrived at our destination early. A little too early to check in. That's cool. We explored Hilo, about 20 miles away www.downtownhilo.com/. Hippies, mostly old hippies, were drumming on bongos, dancing in the streets, ummm, and smoking herbal items. Lots of dreadlocks and leather skin.

Had lunch at Reuben's Mexican Restaurant http://bigislandgrinds.com/2005/08/reubens-mexican-restaurant/

Went to the Hilo farmers market www.downtownhilo.com/Places/tabid/67/Default.aspx?PageContentID=2, bought some gifts and had tarot readings done.

Went to the grocery store and saw things I've never seen before! Ocean... things... that don't look edible? Fruits and veggies that don't look at all familiar.

She's a super freak, super freak (NPR freak)

TWITTER: First order of biz: find a public radio station - KANO-FM (in pledge drive) 04:31 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

Yes, I am a public radio freak. I'd rather listen to a public radio station in pledge drive than a commercial station EVER.


And, while we are talking about public radio, let's not forget my home station, KWBU-FM www.kwbu.org/

Now, for vacation

TWITTER: On our way to the Big Island for fun. 11:46 AM April 16, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: Came to Hawaii to get frostbite! 01:56 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: Wonders if Delta will ever find Mike's bag... b4 vacation ends? 02:22 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

Appraently, Hawaii wants to freeze all the fresh pineapples people are carrying home on the planes. Honolulu airport is about 48 degrees... that's F, not C.

Mike's bag didn't make it to Honolulu. It caught up to us a couple of days after this, on the Big Island. He got a whole new Hawaiian wardrobe.

I was there to work, after all

TWITTER: CJ<--- break a leg. Off to give the presentation to b-school deans. 04:19 PM April 13, 2008 from web TWITTER: Yea! Presentation was great, deans were engaged. Good stuff. Glad it's over! (but left my pc power cord in the meeting room :-( ) 08:40 PM April 13, 2008 from web TWITTER: On a big bus... Loading... To convention center 10:19 PM April 13, 2008 from txt TWITTER: Still early here; back in the hotel room and settling in for the night. tomorrow will be lots of conference sessions and Mike will arrive! 12:28 AM April 14, 2008 from web

I was there to work, after all. Attended a lot of interesting sessions.

Our presentation and supporting materials:
Benchmarking & Best Practices: Business School PR/Marketing/Communications Function

Aloha, surfer dude cliche

TWITTER: Aloha - a beautiful hawaii morning 12:53 PM April 13, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: 'surfing instructor' dude sure looks the part 01:42 PM April 13, 2008 from txt

Ate the "cheap" $20 breakfast at Rainbow Lanai in the bottom level of my building. It is open to the manufactured beach. Thin dude with bleached-blond hair, leather-brown skin, flowered trunks, skin-tight shirt that says "SURFING INSTRUCTOR." Dude, you are a walking cliche.


By the way, Hawaii is 5 hours behind central time.

The turkey has landed

TWITTER: The turkey has landed. I have arrived in Honolulu! 11:28 PM April 12, 2008
For the business part of the trip, I stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu. It could be Miami; it could be Jamaica; it could be Orlando; it could be Cancun. The point is: it was a manufactured experience. It was a resort. Not the experience I was looking forward to.

For a hotel, it was just ok: very tiny bathroom, nothing special in any regard.

Watch out: annoying music - www.hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/.

The Vakay was Yay Yay

Went to Honolulu to present at a conference. Mike flew from Las Vegas to meet me there. Took some vacation days after the conference to get away on the Big Island. I think it was my best vacation ever.

Twittered the trip, which was a fun way to chronicle our experiences. I'm going to post the Twitter messages with the photos here on ex-bohica.