26 August 2008

I'm so busted: INFIDELITY!

Dear precious ex-bohica blog,

All the evenings and weekends we spent together are precious to me. And you are precious to me still. But I must tell you why you have been so long neglected.

You probably already suspected this. After all, there were so many telltale signs of my infidelity. The late nights out. The weekends that passed without so much as a stitch being sewn, let alone blogged about. You know I've been hanging out with a new crowd of friends.

It's true. I confess. I have been cheating on you, my love. My evenings and weekends (and lunch hours) have been spent in dedication to another.

I promise that this is a temporary fling. Just a fleeting affair. It will only last a few months. Then I'll toss this bright flame aside and return to you, my precious blog.

I have only this chance, lasting only a little while longer, to show my passion for universal healthcare, peace, veteran's benefits, environmental sanity, quality education, equal pay for equal work and a healthy middle class. I have only a short time to act upon this passion. And action is the *only way* to show my passion. It takes more than pillow talk. I must go all the way.

After November 4, I will come back to you, my dear. I will return with no guilt, no regrets and no explanations. And I know you will be there waiting for me.

Until then my love,