25 April 2009

Theory: hot chubbies with cheese are recession-proof

Selling hot chubbies with cheese might be the right line of business to be in during these challenging economic times.

I don't go to West, Texas often. West is the name of the city. It's about a half hour north of Waco, about an hour south of Dallas, on I-35. When Mike lived in Dallas, I drove back and forth from Waco often, stopping in West on the way. Now that my family lives in San Antonio and Austin, I don't go north on I-35 from Waco very often. But when I do, the Czech Stop beckons. And I stop.

Kolache (ko-lah-chee): a pastry that may be filled with any number of things, including sausage, cheese, jalapenos, cream cheese, fruit.

I stopped there yesterday on my way back from a work day in Dallas. The traffic was brisk. The line was longer than usual, snaking along the glass pastry cases, around the racks of fresh bread and jars of homemade candies, and almost out the door of the little place. People ordering "hot chubbies with cheese," blueberry kolaches, peach kolaches, cream cheese kolaches, jalapeno kolaches, getting cups of coffee after gassing up their cars outside at the gas pumps.

My theory: kolaches are recession-proof.

I bought a dozen "breakfast sausage" kolaches (filled with breakfast sausage and cheese). I brought them home, wrapped them individually in wax paper, then put them in a big plastic zipper bag and into the freezer. They have to last... until the next time I get there.

A sweet escape: kolaches

The town of West, Texas: "Home of the Official Kolache of the Texas Legislature"

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