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11 October 2007

Knights, mermaids, wizards

I'm sick of tissue lame, but it sure was fun to work on these Halloween costumes for the kids.

Connor is a knight in shining armor. Not sure if you can see the detail when you click the photo bigger, but the designs on the armor are from hand-stitched quilting. It's Simplicity 4944.

Caille is a mermaid. Sequins on the skirt look like scales. The fins are given an extra umph from crinoline. I've never used crinoline before. Made from McCall's 5498.

Chris is a wizard. This costume was the easiest project. After cutting it out, It took about an hour and a half. It's Simplicity 3617.

I'll be going to SA to deliver the costumes personally tomorrow night. Can't wait for the fashion show!

04 October 2007

Halloween is coming

I have three costumes to make before Halloween. Busily sewing every free moment for my little mermaid, wizard, and knight in shining armor.