20 January 2009

25 random facts about me

I'd like to know more about you. Write 25 random facts about you in the comments.

1. I *really* *love* my job and hope that doesn’t change, because if you hate your job, the rest of your life is hard to enjoy.

2. For about 15 years, I had a job I *really* *hated*. That’s how I know.

3. I have 4 grandchildren, also known as the 4 Cs. Christopher, Caille, Connor and Cameron.

4. I’m a cat person. I have one cat, Cricket.

5. I also have a dog, Captain. He doesn’t know he’s a dog, so it’s ok. He’s a tiny 8-lb fluffy white Maltese and was the mascot for the McLennan County Obama campaign.

6. I have to listen to podcasts on my iPod at night to fall asleep.

7. I used to be a voracious reader until I got my iPod.

8. When I was a kid, there was only one other kid in my class who ran more slowly than me. He was developmentally disabled. I haven’t gotten any faster.

9. I have been married more times than you think.

10. Mike and I have been together for 17 years.

11. It took me 9 years to get my BA from Iowa State, because I was a single mom in college and had to work 3 jobs (concurrently) while in school.

12. I hate talking on the phone. To anyone. Nothing personal.

13. I cry freely while watching some commercials.

14. I started sewing when I was a wee little thing, about 5 years old. Some weekends I don’t even leave the house. I sew from early morning until late into the night. Many times, I have stayed up all night sewing.

15. I love to play card games and board games.

16. I have lived in Ames, Iowa; Wichita, Kansas; Chicago, Illinois; Dayton, Ohio; Cape Coral (Fort Myers), Florida; Atlanta, Georgia and Hewitt, Texas.

17. My favorite locations were Chicago and Fort Myers.

18. I *love* salt water fishing. I don’t eat fish. Ever.

19. I went to an experimental elementary school: Harlan Elementary in Ames, Iowa. All students worked at their own pace with individual attention from the best teachers in the nation. I learned to love learning at that school.

20. I am a complete addict to National Public Radio (NPR).

21. I hate mingling at social occasions and making small talk with strangers... even though I’m a PR person.

22. My best friends are my daughters (Bri is 28, Devon is 26). I’m not just saying that. It’s absolutely true.

23. In high school I was a “drama freak” (the other categories were “jock” and “nerd”). I started hanging out with the freak crowd when I was a junior. We snuck out and skipped classes by sneaking through the theatre stage control room exit. I know, you’re wondering where that “love of learning” went.

24. I played the lead in my high school musical my junior year. It was called “Of Thee I Sing.” I was the beauty queen (it was a long time ago, people) who got jilted by the President of the United States of America.

25. I read tarot. (Don’t judge me, people.)

06 January 2009

12th night, bags, bachelor and biting babies: an epiphany (of sorts)

Went to Robbie and Franci's for Twelfth Night (or Epiphany). We also watched the season premier of Bachelor and shot some pix of their xbohica shopping bags.

Robbie flew in from a New Orleans photo shoot late. He brought a "King Cake" with him. It's like some gargantuan-size glazed donut. Except the glaze is purple and green. Hidden somewhere inside is a PLASTIC BABY (technically, they served the baby "on the side" and Franci stuck it in the cake).

_Bitin' the baby_

Just call me "queen." Uh-huh.

"You might be wondering, "Why on earth would a plastic baby be inside of a cake?" Well, the baking of King Cakes is a tradition in New Orleans that begins on King's Day, at the start of the Mardi Gras season. A tiny baby, just like the ones you see here, is baked into the cake. The person whose piece of cake contains the baby furnishes the King Cake for the next party (which are usually held once a week on Sundays until Fat Tuesday.) However, when celebrating Mardi Gras out of town, most people regard the person who 'got the baby' as the King or Queen of the party being held." http://www.mardigrasday.com/mardigras/kc_buy.php

04 January 2009

Men: Would you use these?

The manly version of the original xbohica bags, I call these the special "y-chromosome" edition.

As always, the xbohica name is embroidered on the inside lining.

So, the question is, would a man use these? Please respond with your comments below.

03 January 2009

Two tops from one Simplicity envelope

Made one of these with my mom's help a little while back. I hated working with that fabric and was ready to throw the entire thing in the trash. My mom, who was visiting, patiently got a few problem spots to work right. The fabric seemed like a great idea on the bolt, but it's a little bright! I think I've only worn it once.

The turquiose/brown number is something I made one day this week. I like it, but again, I wish I did a better job of "seeing" what the garment will look like when I'm standing in the fabric store.


Sumptuous little thing

I finally made a bag for my tarot cards. My deck is New Palladini, so I chose fabrics that remind me of an Italian style.

The outside of the bag is a crushed navy velvet. The lining is the reddish and gold brocade you see in the background.

It's sumptuous!