31 October 2009

Barefoot modeling gig

I asked my granddaughter, Caille (aka C2), to model one of the little girls' aprons I made for the craft fair. She's standing on my front porch in front of the jasmine.
I didn't realize she was barefoot until I had uploaded the photo!
(Click to enlarge photo.)

25 October 2009

Signs of progress

Taking the carpet and padding out was much easier than I expected.
Taking the tack-strip up off the concrete floor is a pain in the ass.
Back to it.

24 October 2009

Lunch and juicy-fruit-stripe laptop sleeves

After working a lot of long hours this last few days for the paying job ;-) I came home expecting to crash into a nap today. But I just couldn't let myself fall asleep. I haven't sewn for a few days and the yearning was overwhelming.

So, I just finished up a few more laptop sleeves and a lunch tote. These were all in process from last weekend.

I carefully matched up all the stripes across front, back and flap pieces of the laptop sleeves, trying to achieve a juicy-fruit-stripe impact.

The next project has nothing to do with sewing. I'm going to put away all the sewing things, move all the furniture out of the room and rip up the carpeting from the floor.

Wish me luck!

17 October 2009

LOL laptop sleeves, FTW!

Devon spotted this upholstery fabric when we were shopping in Austin a couple of weeks ago. She convinced me it would be perfect for laptop sleeves. I'm glad she talked me into it. I like the end result.

By the way, what piece of furniture would one upholster with this fabric? A home office chair?

This project marked my first time using craft foam. No kidding, craft foam. Think vacation bible school craft foam. It's sandwiched between the lining and bag, with another layer of fleece in there, too.

10 October 2009

More: sunshine assembly line

Just as they've "popped off" (I wish!) the sewing machine.

Basking in the sunshine of an assembly line of zippered bags

I finished 6 tote/shopping bags with this fabric last weekend. Today I'm making zippered cosmetic bags with the same materials. It's been raining for days here in Central Texas, but I've been spending my day basking in the sunshine of this fabric.