27 November 2009

Give a baby a snuggle

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Wish I had a serger. A three-point zig-zag just doesn't finish this fluffy fabric as nicely as I'd like.
But this *is* a fluffy, soft, sweet little wrap.

26 November 2009

Wonder twin powers: ACTIVATE! These business cards/price tags are fabulous!

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I've been doing some recon for weeks on creative ideas for business cards for my xbohica business.

I have also been racking my brain for a couple of months to come up with a solution for tagging the Christmas craft fair merchandise... and tagging it all with care instructions.

Voila! Devon and I putzed around this morning (when I get in a room with my mom or Bri or Devon and sewing machine(s)/craft items, it's like "Wonder Twin Powers: ACTIVATE!" I swear) and ta-da.

I love love love these tags, which double (triple?) as business card, care instructions and price tag (we'll write the price on) and are *so* cute.

We used cardstock weight glitter patterned scrapbooking paper to cut out the base tags with decorative scalloped scissors. Then I printed contact info on a regular paper (cut out to be about the size of a business card). Then I sewed the "business card" onto the tag with a big, fat zigzag stitch in purple thread.

Note: I was too afraid to sew paper on my tricked-out Baby Lock Ellure, so I sewed these on an old 40 year-old Elna that used to be my mom's.

Basket full o' sleeves

Wow. Devon was so industrious! This basket is full of coffee sleeves. I had only about 15 in there yesterday. She had to leave this afternoon because she's got to be at work at 2:00am (curse you, retail!). So I have some more to sew up, but she's already cut them out and paired them, so they are ready to go. Assembly-line sewing at it's best.

25 November 2009

Sewing machines are really the power tools of the crafty, you know?

Devon is here and she brought her BabyLock with her. We did fabric shopping all day long and started power sewing tonight. We have a lot of work to do before the craft fair next week.

Her BabyLock tension went psycho and we could not figure out how to fix it. So I pulled the old (40 years old) Elna out of the closet.

Sewing machines are really the power tools of the crafty, you know?

I'm supposed to be ironing some coffee sleeves right now. Don't tell her I'm posting this to my blog instead, ok?
(Note on 12/1/09: I know. I still have a bare concrete floor in my dining room. I hope Santa and his elves are working on that.)

14 November 2009

Six aprons before Boston

The sixth is an exact duplicate of the one with pears and apples that has lime green trim.

Apron pockets: What do you put in them?

I'm still working on an assembly-line of six aprons that I started last weekend. As I was working on the pockets, I got rather introspective. I wonder what these pockets will be holding in the future?

Flour-dusted hands?

The corner of a towel, shoved in for hand wiping?

A watch or bracelet, removed to keep it out of the dough?

An elastic band, kept handy to put the hair back when cooking?

A wire tool for pot throwing?

A paintbrush?

What do you put in your apron pockets?