26 April 2010

Jasmine in bloom

These balmy 80-degree sunny days have me in summer mode... even though we all know in the heart of Texas summers are over 100 degrees. Days like today take me straight back to the Iowa summers of my childhood.

When I stepped outside to get the mail after I got home from work today I noticed the jasmine. It's loaded down, every tendril weighed with massive amounts of buds. Just a couple of them are open so far.

See how it's grown since I planted it last year?

This summer is going to smell great!

10 April 2010

Functional business cards - keepers

(Click on photos up to two times to enlarge.)

When I say these are "keepers" I mean someone might actually keep this in a purse or pocket and use it for a while.

I'd seen these little handmade matchbook-style notepads on Etsy.com and they're adorable. All of the ones I've seen, though, are stapled at the bottom. Me, I have to sew. So I sewed along the bottom, rather than using staples. The stitching makes it an even more appropriate item for a handmade sewing business.

I will be stamping the inside cover with my company name (xbohica), my etsy shop address (xbohica.etsy.com) and email address (xbohica at gmail dot com).

The outside cover is made from a card stock. The inside pages are made from regular-weight scrapbooking papers as well as plain white printer paper (every other sheet).

What about your business card? How "keepable" is it? How does it highlight what you do? I'd love to see some examples in the comments.

The finished size is about 3"x2.25".