30 August 2009

Your friendly bag lady

As always, click on the photos to enlarge. I just finished these today. I want to keep them all for myself, but they are part of the inventory I'm making for a campus craft fair in a couple of months.

I even made a little lunch tote with a pocket.

All bags bear the xbohica brand, embroidered on the inside lining.


  1. Very professionally put together and fun fabrics!

  2. Love the bags &k fabrics, and yes they do look very professionally done.

  3. Here's a positive affirmation from not-so-much-a-stranger ;) ... great works! I've been on your blog after a while and I love your latest creations, the ones in this post and earlier.

  4. these bags are beautiful, when's the craft show, I'd love to come!

  5. You are very talented! I love your blog - the name is unbeatable. Thanks for your email - it was really great to see your stuff!
    Amy Coker