16 August 2009

Coffee doesn't have arms, but here are more sleeves

Working on building (sewing) an inventory of my creations to sell at a craft fair before Christmas. Here are the latest 10 (um, correction: 11) coffee sleeves.

Yes, you do see Elvis. And the Miami Dolphin. And several Hawaiian prints left over from our trip to Hilo a year and a half ago.

Again, these are all made from fabric scraps. Time, plus batting, velcro and thread are my outlay.


  1. Very nice. Where did you get the pattern from, made yourself or bought?

    Perky Paula

  2. I don't know how CJ developed her pattern but you can make your own. Get a paper sleeve from one of the coffee stands, cut it open on one side. Add seamallowances all around plus an inch for overlap on one side.


  3. I did exactly what Sharon says.

  4. You are selling trademarked items: Elvis and the Miami Dolphins. You might want to reconsider this. The owners of the trademark could make things very difficult for you.

  5. The Dolphins sleeve is my hubby's, so it's not being sold. Guess I'll give away Elvis as a gift to someone. Thanks for the warning. I thought I'd be ok because I paid for the fabric... and the fabric manufacturer paid royalties to the trademark holders.