23 August 2009

Storm photos from my 'hood

Click to enlarge - it's difficult to see what's there otherwise.

(The last photo is from our back door. The others are from the 'hood across Old Temple from us.)

I was tweeting during this crazy little storm that went through my neighborhood. Here's the tweets, peeps.
---- Crazy storm cell... Downdraft winds in excess of 60mph. At least 2 big sections of our fence flew!
---- S WACO/HEWITT Trampoline from 1 neighbor's backyard flew... and maybe sticking out of the windshield of another neighbor's car!
---- Our subdiv: one house struck by litning and roof has huge hole. A man had heart attack during storm. TV crews in the 'hood.
---- So... worse things that the trampoline in the car windshield across the street!
---- S WACO/HEWITT Plus, live wire down and sparking. Another house on fire. Older houses across Old Temple lost roofs.
---- My husband is the dramatic type. He was flapping his wings: "The sky is falling!" I was: "Oh poo." He was kinda right.

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