05 June 2009

Skulls on her coffee (and her Christmas stocking)

What better way to use those small scraps that I've been saving? Coffee sleeves. Sort of recycled, because it's just left-over scraps. Green, because you won't be using those paper/cardboard sleeves they give you at the coffee shop.

Plus, you can make a statement.

My daughter, Devon (27), wanted a sleeve made from the scraps of her Christmas stocking. Guess which one that is? Yes, the skulls. LOL!

Every time I go to my local mermaid coffee shop and order my regular tall triple-shot Americano, a conversation starts about my coffee sleeve.

I'm thinking of sewing up an inventory of these sleeves, plus shopping bags and maybe even a couple of aprons, and getting a table at the annual craft fair.

Think anyone would buy this stuff? How much? Please comment below!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that these are insulated with batting and have a velcro closure, which can be adjusted for different cup sizes.


  1. I would buy one! Only problem would be remembering it every time you went for coffee. Still, I bet you could work something out with local coffee shops to sell them.

  2. You are awesome and creative as always, CJ! Great going. I wish someone made such coffee sleeves where I live.

  3. Yassir Youbetcha! (no, that's not my Palestinian brother-in-law) I'd buy one, even though I'm perfectly capable of making them myself:) You can rather easily sell them from your blog...don't know if you can accomplish this with this format, but you could link it to a cheap (but good!) commerce site. In response to DHoward: buy 2 or 3 so you have them hanging around! Blondetwit!

  4. I would probably go home and copy your design. But, if I couldn't sew, I'd buy one if the fabric was unusual, very pretty, or matched one of my hobbies. These might make excellent Father's Day gifts in the right fabric.

    A matching cell phone holder might be nice.

    Good job.


  5. eCrater offers very nice FREE web stores. You could easily set one up and sell these.

    Choosing the right fabric will be the key to success, I think. I would love a matching laptop sleeve, too.