19 May 2009

What color should I paint my front door?

I have a yearning for a more creative entry. I'd like to make a statement with the front door color. What color do you think I should paint it?

Please comment with your ideas! Be specific.

UPDATE: I should have told you that I'm thinking of bright yellow or olive green? But I'm not sure about that and I'm open to your ideas.


  1. Hi! I love your blog name. It made me giggle snort! I think your home would look lovely with a gray-green or gray-blue door. Stop by and visit!

  2. I think that Black, shiny black, would suit that, but I'm a high contrast person. ;') Black provides a palate to do other things with it too, hanging wreaths, etc.

  3. My front door is black, black green. It's so black that you can only tell it's green when you get right up close to it. It's semi-gloss. It would also be a nice contrast to the red brick, and bring in the dark of the roof....and if you want to plant some purple potato vine would be yummy in those pots. http://www.prairiestarflowers.com/IpomeaBatasSweetCarolinePurpleHeart.jpg

    I'm the oldest sister, so I'm horribly bossy!

  4. Hey, thanks for the retweet!

    In my heavily Chinese immigrant neighborhood doors are painted red to ward off evil spirits and to invite in prosperity. My front door is red (it was that color when I moved in) and it seems to work well despite the fact that I have no other red trim on my house.

  5. I would go with a red door. Would go well with the bricks.

  6. With your brick, white siding & black roof, you could paint it any color you want. I would do black or red, if it was me.