06 June 2009


I'm very happy that I come up as the #2 result when you google BOHICA (today I do, anyway).

Those years of corporate prostitution have paid off (it wasn't sexual prostitution... or so I justify it to myself).

So, googling BOHICA is by far the number one way people get to my blog from an organic search.

Here's what's still weird. The #2 way people get to my site from organic search is by googling "vomit girl" (in quotes).

OK, I know, I blog about vomit, puke and COV (Chain of Vomit) a lot. I even have a tag for it! But what really bothers me? Why the hell are people searching for the term "vomit girl?"

1 comment:

  1. Hhmm, interesting! I didnt know you were such a vomit-oholic. :P EEEwwww, that sounded so uugghh! Anyways, will look out for this tag. ;)