17 May 2009

Coffee sleeve from scraps

Warning: this is an experiment. When I make things from scratch with no pattern, it really is an experiment. This coffee sleeve is made from some scraps I had in my scrap box. It's batted for insulation goodness and, of course, bears the embroidered xbohica. Please pretend that the "model glass" is a paper cup of java from your nearest Starbucks or other favorite coffee house.

Feedback, please? I think the xbohica is too big. What do you think?


  1. Love the idea :). May be if you had a clear background (like no pattern) behind the 'xbohica' that'd make it more visible. But its a cool way of recycling scraps!

  2. Honest feedback, eh?
    I think it's great (wish I'd already come up with this idea - but apparently it was too "simple" of an idea for such a braintrust like myself to have thought of! ha!)
    I think, if it were me (and clearly you're not me), I would make it a little taller - to create a little more insulation, and more hand hold. And - I'd have "Xbohica" as the actual pattern;-)
    Honestly, it's dumb these aren't all over the place. Stick a couple in your car, desk, purse - always have one around for the next cup o'joe. I'd be using them!