04 June 2008

Reprise of vomit girl - she strikes again!!!!

TWITTER: FREAKY: girl who vomited over my shoulder this am walked into restaurant tonight- RUN AWAY!!! 12:27 AM April 20, 2008 from web

After a long day of hiking up and down waterfalls, we stop in a a downtown Hilo restaurant to have a cocktail and pick up dinner to go. It's our last night together for who knows how long. The plan is to take dinner back to Wild Orchid House and have a quiet evening.

Sitting at the bar, sipping a glass of wine, soaking up the atmosphere and feeling very sated, I hear a voice. A female voice. It sounds a little familiar.

"What soups do you have tonight?" she says.

I turn my head to see who it is.


The very same girl that greeted me at Starbucks that morning with a perfect arc of puke.

Thankfully, we had our boxed dinners already and were just signing the check. We ran for the sanctuary of Wild Orchid House.

I will do you a favor and not include any photos with this posting.

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