15 June 2008

I've lost that chillin' feelin'

Refrigerator das kaput. Dang it.

I noticed it after I got off an hour on the treadmill. I wanted ice. But when I jabbed my glass at the ice dispenser, I noticed it was leaking, badly. There was water running down the fridge and a big puddle had formed on the floor.

Thank goodness we have a small fridge in the laundry room.

I spent my evening throwing thawed, dripping disgusting items from my freezer into the garbage (the garbage won't be picked up for another 6 days, dang it)... and moving anything still save-able from the kitchen fridge to the laundry room fridge.

In every disaster there is an opportunity, yes?

I took my opportunity to throw out a bunch o' stuff from my kitchen fridge that I really should have thrown out already.

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