30 May 2008

Vomit girl

TWITTER: Girl came *this* close to puking on me... And we're not even in a boat! 04:28 PM April 19, 2008 from txt

The mermaid was just a few doors down from the place we had breakfast and Mike can't resist.

Is there anyone else in the world that has to drink a 5-shot white chocolate mocha coffee with 3 splendas every day?


Beckoned to the nearby Mermaid. Walked down, entered, stood at the counter to order. You know what Mike orders every day (see above, silly) and I got my regular Cafe Americano.

While waiting, I decided I would like to use the restroom. The door was locked - it was busy. So I waited outside the door. Just stood there, minding my own business.

As SOON as the door opened, a girl ran from behind me -- one hand on her mouth, the other on her stomach -- I could barely make out what she was saying to me as she ran in front of me toward the opening door.

"I haffa frow up!!!!"

And then she did. In a perfect arc over my shoulder and all over the wall of Starbucks.

It made me think of the sea horse guy on the Sea Witch.

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