15 May 2008

The mermaid beckons and we write postcards

TWITTER: Stopped in at the kilauea military camp to use the post office...still in volcanoes natl park. 04:29 PM April 17, 2008 from txt

Where was a post office that would have the Kilauea postage mark? We asked, and were told to go to the Kilauea Military Camp, still within Volcanoes National Park.
The front desk staff told us that this is where military personnel come for R&R. It's a military resort.
Look at the cute cottages. They are adorable. Each one has a fireplace. And two stained glass windows.

Mike saw the sign of the mermaid, so we stopped in the mess hall for Starbuck's coffee and wrote postcards. Then we went to the camp's post office and mailed them.

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