13 February 2013

My "million dollar man"

We had to drive the 2+ hours to Dallas and 3 hours back today so Mike could (finally) get surgery to repair damage from the fall he took from the Schwan's truck (the step broke -- AGAIN) in DECEMBER 2010.

So much medical in so little time.
25 months =

  • 2 major back surgeries (including lots of cages, screws, rods and bone grafts)
  • 1 strange "brain reboot" (don't ask, 'cause I don't get it)
  • 1 hand surgery (1 more to go)
  • 1 hideous headache lasting 25 months
  • At least 10 hospital visits
  • About 50 visits/1+ hour waits at the pharmacy
  • About 100 doctor visits
  • About 1000 miles
  • About 65 certified letters from the evil worker's comp insurance
  • 2 video recordings from the worker's comp insurance private detective (which, of course, didn't help their case)
  • About 59,000 "DENIALS" from worker's comp. Just because.
  • 13 to 18 doctors?!
  • Maxing out our out-of-pocket costs on my Blue Cross in 2012 (do you know how hard that is to do?!)
  • 11 months having to use a walker ( we were so happy when he graduated to a cane last month!)
  • I can't even remember how many phone calls, emails, meetings and benefit reviews with lawyers... About 75?
  • Immeasurable tears anxiety and anger
  • Just enough patience from God
  • And we are not done yet

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