18 February 2013

Dallas fabric: At Harry HInes and Perth

Took Mike to his follow-up doctor visit in Dallas after his surgery last week. As usual, we got out of the doctor's office right at about the start of rush-hour. So he sat in the car for a bit while I ran in to visit some of my favorite places.

I have been searching for drapery fabric for the living room for the last six months. Also, seat fabric for the dining room. I need Devon to help me choose. (What will I do when she moves to Chicago in a few weeks!?)

By the way, The Golden D'or wouldn't give me a fabric sample. Wha? How can they expect someone to buy 26 yards of fabric @$19/yard without bringing home a little swatch to make sure it works with the carpet, furniture, etc? Nuts! It used to be my favorite fabric store. Not anymore! I didn't even take a photo of that warehouse. I guess that's how angry I was when I left.

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