26 November 2009

Wonder twin powers: ACTIVATE! These business cards/price tags are fabulous!

(Click photos to enlarge.)
I've been doing some recon for weeks on creative ideas for business cards for my xbohica business.

I have also been racking my brain for a couple of months to come up with a solution for tagging the Christmas craft fair merchandise... and tagging it all with care instructions.

Voila! Devon and I putzed around this morning (when I get in a room with my mom or Bri or Devon and sewing machine(s)/craft items, it's like "Wonder Twin Powers: ACTIVATE!" I swear) and ta-da.

I love love love these tags, which double (triple?) as business card, care instructions and price tag (we'll write the price on) and are *so* cute.

We used cardstock weight glitter patterned scrapbooking paper to cut out the base tags with decorative scalloped scissors. Then I printed contact info on a regular paper (cut out to be about the size of a business card). Then I sewed the "business card" onto the tag with a big, fat zigzag stitch in purple thread.

Note: I was too afraid to sew paper on my tricked-out Baby Lock Ellure, so I sewed these on an old 40 year-old Elna that used to be my mom's.

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