14 November 2009

Apron pockets: What do you put in them?

I'm still working on an assembly-line of six aprons that I started last weekend. As I was working on the pockets, I got rather introspective. I wonder what these pockets will be holding in the future?

Flour-dusted hands?

The corner of a towel, shoved in for hand wiping?

A watch or bracelet, removed to keep it out of the dough?

An elastic band, kept handy to put the hair back when cooking?

A wire tool for pot throwing?

A paintbrush?

What do you put in your apron pockets?

1 comment:

  1. Hello ,hello
    I just love the way your mind thinks - I can tell you are so deep and talented. People in your world are lucky to have you.

    I loved your post about aprons! I felt the same way last year when I made a dozen of the 4 Corner aprons! I liked them because they helped make us look slimmer - I think. Your color choices are lovely - nice and lively and passionate.