06 July 2008

Summer retro

My daughter, Bri, picked out a Butterick "Retro" pattern from 1947. It's Butterick 5209.

We tried it out with $1/yd fabric from Walmart.

I had to make some adjustments to the bodice. I added 3" of elastic (just zig-zagged on the stretched elastic) along the inside edge of the dress in front of the sleeve front of the armhole area (it gaped pretty bad).

I didn't like making this dress. It seemed like the assembly was more difficult than it had to be. I guess the instructions are from 1947, too?

Please don't give me a lecture about how I should read throught the instructions before I start. I rarely do. I just jump right in.

Also, this is a tight midriff. Not much ease. Make sure to measure carefully and adjust as necessary. I added a little bit.

After all, a summery dress should be comfortable on a hot day in San Antonio, Texas... especially while you are running around after my four grandchildren (otherwise known as the 4 Cs).

I know, she doesn't look like she's had 4 children, does she?!

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