09 July 2008

Notional devotional

How do you keep organized when you go shopping for notions? You're sewing from stash, so you've got the fabric. You've pulled one of the patterns you got months ago but never got around to acting upon your good intentions.

All you need is notions: zippers, hem tape, thread, buttons... to make the project.

Here's one way that seems to work for me.

I don't like to take the whole pattern to the store. I'm always afraid it might be confusing for store staff as to who owns it, you know? I don't need any extra drama in my life with mistaken shoplifting charges!

So, I go online to the pattern websites and print out the one-page (front and back) photo/diagram and info sheet. On each sheet, I tape a swatch of fabric I'm using for the project. I also make notes on the sheet to indicate which version I'm making and then make a list of all the notions I'll need to complete the project.

When I'm at the store with the sheets, I can easily determine what I need and match it to the appropriate fabric sample. I can also double check pattern specifications if any questions arise at the store while I'm shopping.

What are your favorite organization tips for buying project notions?

(As always, click on photo to enlarge.)

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