29 March 2013

Linking In, Tweeting Up, Creating Interactivity

After updating the research data and some of the examples, I gave my social media presentation three times in two days this week.

On Wednesday, I spoke to two sections of Advanced PR classes at Baylor. In general, young adults know all about how to use social media... for personal reasons. Most don't quite grasp how to use it for business purposes. I appreciate my professor friends who invite me to their classrooms and I enjoy doing it.

On Thursday, I spoke to the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Almost all of these folks were strangers to me, but they were a warm bunch and eager to listen. Several followed up with me later in the day to ask for more advice about their organization needs.

Most rewarding: one person sent me a message detailing a Facebook crisis that happened as soon as she returned to the office -- that she handled it just as I had advised such a situation should be handled -- and that the result was she turned a negative "troll" into a positive "trumpeter" and received accolades for it from higher-ups. Nicely done! Made my day.

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