06 January 2013

The sewing room: totally organized!

I've wanted a bona fide sewing room since I was about 4 years old. 49 years later, I now have one!

I should have painted the walls before the shelving went in, but that will wait for another day. Also needed: removal of trashy blinds, replaced with curtains.

My wide range of sewing ephemera is now completely organized! I had various fabric and sewing gear stashed in bins, closets and bags in rooms all over the house. Now that it's all in one place and organized, I realize: OMG, I HAVE A LOT OF SEWING STUFF AND FABRIC!

This was a Christmas gift from my husband Mike. My son-in-law and father assembled the shelving and desk (IKEA EXPEDIT). Thank you, guys!

I thought about posting a "before" picture, but it would have been too embarrassing. Just a room with bins stacked around, a bed on the floor and Legos scattered wildly about.

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