19 April 2012

Doggy incontinence

The poor old Captain is approaching 13. (He was born 9-9-99, an easy date to remember.) his back end doesn't always work. The vet says he has a cancer of his liver. He has a tumor on his eye that we had removed in a very expensive operation. It grew back three months later.

He's an old guy. He's had better days.

He lost control of bodily functions over a year ago. That's when I started experimenting with making doggy diapers. The last thing I want is to be freaking out about him peeing on the floors when he is so old he doesn't know what I'm freaking out about. No reason for the stress.

I designed several different kinds of diapers. He has figured out how to scrape them off, move them down, get them off, any way he can.

The one I made today might be the best one yet. I don't think he's getting out of this one.

On the inside, I stick a large woman's feminine napkin. I change that out when he wets it.

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  1. You are quite clever! I am so impressed by your sewing prowess.