18 January 2010

Fear of...

...bound buttonholes.

My sewing machine makes beautiful, consistent, finished buttonholes. But only up to 1 inch in size.

The jacket I just finished needs BIG buttons. Bigger than 1 inch. The only kind of buttonhole to do is a bound buttonhole. I am scared to death to try it!

I googled until I found a few different techniques and tried all three on practice materials late this afternoon.

But I'm still not feeling comfortable with this! I brought the fabric for this jacket back from Hilo, Hawaii. I do not want to mess this up!

I need a pep talk.

Here were a couple of the best tutorials I found showing how to make bound buttonholes:



1 comment:

  1. I have done buttonholes using both the methods you have posted here but I prefer to do them another slightly diferent way.. I do them more like a welt pocket. Most important things to make sure of though is that you have the grain straight (nothing worse than a button hole going off on an odd angle) and that you have them all the same size. Oh and make sure you have very sharp scissors so you are able to cut right into the corners so that you can turn it through correctly, they wont sit flat if they arent cut right. I would suggest you sew the first step of them all before you cut and measure again to make sure width and lengths are the same. Good luck, Im sure you will do fine.