20 December 2009

Big brother, little brother, baby brother

You had your doubts, didn't you?
I know you did.

When I blogged about this heavenly fabric warehouse in Hilo, Hawaii that I went to **way** back in April of 2008, I even took a picture of this fabric.

Mom and I worked together all weekend to get these done.
They'll be under the tree for my three grandsons: Chris, Connor and Cameron. Daddy Steve's matching shirt will have to get made over the next day or two.

But for now, it's nice to take a break for a few minutes and admire our handiwork.

I'll post a photo of the men wearing them.

Because there is nothing more appropriate for a man to wear on Christmas day than a Hawaiian shirt.

(By the way, the pattern on the fabric is petroglyphs -- like the ancient etchings on the lava rocks in Hawaii. The buttons are made from coconut shells.)

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