22 April 2008

Hangin' with Hilo hippies

TWITTER: Eating mexican food in downtown Hilo w/ the hippies. 06:51 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: Vacation = margarita for lunch 07:14 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

TWITTER: Hilo grocery store: fruits, veggies, ocean critters I've never seen b4. 09:43 PM April 16, 2008 from txt

Arrived at our destination early. A little too early to check in. That's cool. We explored Hilo, about 20 miles away www.downtownhilo.com/. Hippies, mostly old hippies, were drumming on bongos, dancing in the streets, ummm, and smoking herbal items. Lots of dreadlocks and leather skin.

Had lunch at Reuben's Mexican Restaurant http://bigislandgrinds.com/2005/08/reubens-mexican-restaurant/

Went to the Hilo farmers market www.downtownhilo.com/Places/tabid/67/Default.aspx?PageContentID=2, bought some gifts and had tarot readings done.

Went to the grocery store and saw things I've never seen before! Ocean... things... that don't look edible? Fruits and veggies that don't look at all familiar.

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