06 February 2008

LOST billboard in Ames: FIND 815.COM

When I was in Ames a few weeks ago I saw it! One of only 9 in the entire world.

LOST had a billboard in Ames, Iowa. No kidding.

Funny story, too. My brother's office is right next to the billboard. His wife was so excited that a new airline named Oceanic was going start flying out of Des Moines! Then my brother googled Oceanic Airlines and realized that it wasn't real (silly people don't watch LOST).

Days later, someone spray-painted FIND 815.COM on the billboard. The crack Ames police force was out on the trail, trying to find clues to apprehend the disrespectful vandal who defaced the advertisement.

Ha! Finally, the police reached the billboard company and found out the truth!

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