29 November 2007

NYC, New Baby, San Diego, Las Vegas, Turkey Day

In New York city, our schedule was so crazy that Devon and I ended up having only 45 minutes to spend in the garment district fabric shopping. This made the experience less enjoyable than I had hoped it would be! I spent way too much on some beautiful wool suiting at B&J Fabrics. I also got a great retro-print oil cloth to make a diaper bag for the new baby. B&J gives you your purchase in a funky burlap bag with wooden handles. Someday soon I hope I can go back and spend more time!

Cameron Robert was born on Oct. 24. Everyone is healthy and now Bri and Steve have a brood of four. More grandchildren to sew for :-). I started by sewing up six sets of fitted bassinette sheets and matching blankets out of some cute flannels... and the retro diaper bag.

San Diego was cold, cloudy and spent indoors in a series of meetings. Stayed at the worst Hilton I've ever experienced. Can you say 'bad customer service?!' Not to mention rooms that look as though they were last updated in 1990. Don't stay there!

From SD, I went to Las Vegas to see Mike. During the time I was there he worked from about 9am to 11pm every day. I spent the days amusing myself in fabric stores and a kitchy costume shop and an almost run-in with another B celebrity (perhaps I'll tell you that story later).

Thanksgiving last week was spent in San Antonio with the whole gang, including a crazy mullet head (perhaps I'll tell you that story later... no, he's not the B celebrity). I taught Caille how to play Demon and she was trouncing us! Got in lots of family gaming time including War, Risk, Cranium, poker, Scrabble... you get the idea. Our family grooves on games.

More later... I'm looking forward to the first weekend at home in a long time.

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